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(Sanskrit: “The Divinity in me salutes the Divinity in you.”)

Thank you for your interest in Tryunity Institute of Metaphysics. Tryunity was founded in Brewster, NY in 1980 by its director, Rev. Noël B. Szundy, MSW. A retired social worker, Noël is a longtime Reiki Master, amateur astrologer, counselor, teacher, lecturer and writer. She is ordained by two metaphysical churches. During the 1980’s she organized, directed and conducted four large spiritual metaphysical journeys to Egypt, Mexico, Peru and Bolivia. She has studied -and lived- metaphysics for over sixty-five years. From its inception, the focus of Tryunity Institute was on new healing techniques and spiritual studies, taught by nationally known experts in their fields.

“Pursued By the Light”


In 1989 Tryunity moved to “Skyheim” in Reading, PA where the Institute presents just a few selected advanced level seminars each year. Its purpose is to serve those who are no longer beginners in the study of metaphysics and who seek something more challenging than the many basic classes offered elsewhere. The Institute is run on a cost-only basis: no profit is taken by Tryunity Institute or its director from any of the presentations, as this service represents a personal tithe of the director.

Most workshops or seminars are single sessions taught by selected experts, primarily in the area of leading edge healing techniques and spiritual development. In recent years Tryunity has presented various practitioners who are pioneering techniques of sound/ resonance/frequency for healing of body. mind and spirit. For example, in 2000, 2001 and 2003 Tryunity presented two planetary masters, Ann Marie and Rich Work teaching “Awaken to the Healer Within”. “Mastery for Life” and “Symmetry”.

A good example of Tryunity’s philosophy and offerings is their Symmetry course. It is a very advanced discipline that moves us past our perpetual “healing” to a permanent state of wellness and mastery. Rich said they believe that it is like nothing else taught on the planet at this time. Symmetry is not a class you take to receive information. It is about taking responsibility to create a lifestyle of “symmetry” (balance) between your Sacred Self and the world around you. Symmetry involves practice to maintain, sustain and nurture your Sacred Self. Everything within Symmetry-from the power of the word, to the power of the breath, to the power of natural rhythms—all reinforce one basic principle:



RICH and ANN MARIE WORK have long championed the full expression of life through personal empowerment. With deep abiding passion and honor, they shared personal techniques and tools they used to heal their own bodies and lives. Having personally overcome life threatening diseases including “terminal” multiple sclerosis, cancer, heart disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, malaria and various poisons, they explained the full spectrum of healing of body, mind and emotions.
Rich Work departed this world on April 1, 2004– like most great masters, suddenly and without illness.


The Works’ work and teachings are cited here in detail because they embody Tryunity’s own philosophy and focus. We believe that the correct (harmonious) use of “frequencies” is the key to future healing and balanced living as our stressed world now leaves behind the illusory Piscean Age of drugs, chemicals, duality and deception, and enters the crystalline Aquarian Age of electronics, space travel, unified field/quantum physics, photon energy, fifth dimensional frequencies, humanitarianism, harmony and, ultimately, planetary ascension.


“Skyheim” (sky-home) is beautifully set high on four hillside acres, 70 minutes from Philadelphia, just north of Reading, PA, We are in the Leesport area overlooking the Schuylkill Valley, the city of Reading and Mt. Penn crowned by its landmark red “Pagoda”. Skyheim is easily accessed from highways, and is five minutes from the Reading Regional Airport. Its specially designed Great Room was planned for such meetings and is designed and decorated in an Old Egyptian theme. This highly protected sacred space is dedicated to the solar goddess Sekhmet, keeper of her own, and destroyer of the enemy. Energy guardians of this sacred space were three (now departed) Egyptian Pharaoh Hounds and Bastet, the Egyptian “Mau” –both 4,000 year old Egyptian breeds!

In the tradition of the great cathedrals of Europe, the meeting room offers the visitor many built-in esoteric teaching symbols, including a rooftop pyramid skylight, custom built with the same significant angles (51*51′) as the Great Pyramid at Giza. In both 1981 and 1984 Noël climbed to the top of that famous ancient structure.


The courtesy of advance registration is requested since the seminars are held in a private home, seating is limited, and we always provide refreshments! Emails are sent out many weeks in advance of each event.

For further information, registration, or to be added to the email or postal mailing list, please call Noël at 610/926-0636 or email to


Current Events

             WILLIAM HENRY


Sat. Oct. 6, 2018    10  AM-5PM
Sun. Oct.7, 2018    11 AM-4PM

Once again Tryunity Institute of Metaphysics is honored to host our longtime friend and inspiring spiritual teacher William Henry, renowned light body and ascension guide. Those who have not met William may know of him as a producer and frequent presenter of History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens”. With his wife Clare, William leads frequent spiritual tours of sacred sites. For more information check his website  William is a frequent speaker to large audiences where acccss to speakers is limited. Thus we are especially fortunate to have him here in an intimate setting where we can freely discuss, ask questions, etc. We will spend two days enjoying and being inspired by his latest explorations and in-depth cutting edge information along with a group of initiates (us!) dedicated to raising consciousness and transforming our world.


In this groundbreaking seminar we will explore advancements in consciousness, physics and the Light Body research.  Additionally, we will explore latest advances in research on:

  •  How ancient texts encode the secrets of “Quantum Gnosis” and the true nature of our reality.
  • How quantum entanglement explains the Divine Transformational Power of sacred art from all religions.
  • How the rise of the Divine Feminine signals  the time for Ascension
  • How to train your brain to operate from the higher levels of the light body by experiencing the Light Body Codes hidden in sacred art.
  • How to energize and program your body through meditation on images of the light body.
  • How to connect with sacred images that show us how the great avatars exist to guide us to our next level of being.
  • How to tap the Quantum Buddha and Quantum Christ Consciousness state that enables telekinesis, telepathy, ESP, remote viewing and light body travel.
  • How to align with our future selves, and shift and direct our future destiny.
  • The secrets of the Essene Ascension Simulation Meditations.
  • How to live your life from the perspective of the light body.
  • How to navigate the onslaught of technology on the soul.


We live now at the convergence of two worlds, the convergence of two ways of being and two types of humans. Our choice of ways will alter the way we live, and the way our children live, for generations to come.

One human is organic, soul based, compassionate and connected to a conscious cosmos. This natural version of humanity is focused on spiritual ascension and raising its “Ascension Intelligence”.

The other is technological, limited, finite and woven into an Artificial Intelligence Net with unpredictable spiritual consequences.

As pointed out in William’s “The Skingularity Is Near”, Artificial Intelligence will change the way we live more than cell phones, computers and the internet combined. What is really going on with AI is astounding…it can take humanity to previously untold heights, but also presents untold spiritual catastrophic dangers.

It is time for humanity to converge with the angelic and ascended realms to avert that catastrophe.



Tuition is $150 for both days, or $125 if paid by August 31st. Some scholarship aid may be available if needed. Seating is limited, so please reserve early by contacting Noël Szundy  at 610/926-0636 or Address, directions, all information, hotel tips, instructions, etc. will be supplied upon contact. Refreshments will be served both days, but you are asked to bring your bag lunch on Saturday.

Tryunity policy note: rates are set by the presenters and Tryunity Institute takes only its actual expenses (e.g. “cookie money”)

Hope to see you here in October!



Saturday Sept. 9th, 2017   10AM-5PM

Sunday Sept. 10th, 2017   11AM-4PM


                       * The Shining Ones and the Way of Light*

Tryunity Institute is delighted to announce the 12th annual visit of our inspiring friend and teacher William Henry. Once again we open the sacred space at Skyheim for William to share his wisdom and latest spiritual insights.

Do you, like so many, feel a burning desire to activate more of your soul’s purpose?

This year promises to bring us even greater illumination and joy as we explore the soul empowering ascension teachings of Buddhist, Essene and Christian gnostics, and the ancient angels, aliens and ascended masters who taught them. William has spent the past year traveling and accumulating even more stunning images and the insights they reveal.

If, like many of us, you have been following William’s work you get the sense that it is being guided and is leading Somewhere Special. That destination is in sight and William is eager to share with us what he has discovered.

The Light Body and ascension is the hot topic these days. It aligns us with our highest spiritual intentions, provides  insight into the unity of all life forms, and links us to an Intelligence beyond human.

William has traced the teachings to a group of mysterious ancient stargazers and starwalkers, the Magi Order, which provides the stepping stones and practices that give us a grounded footing on the Way of Light as we continually expand our consciousness.


The Rainbow Body: how to perfect the soul’s vibration.

From White Tara to White Lady: Mary Magdalene and the  Light Body

The Chintamani stone and the Holy Grail: the secret of the Wish Fulfilling gem.

Mysteries of the Sun: the home of the soul.

Experience the Light Body codes hidden in sacred art.

Learn of the five decisions the successful soul must make.

The Essenes: transformation into angels/beings of light.

The Cathars: secrets of tapping the Divine Light.

Stargate metaphysics: the secret of the ancient avatars.

The stargate secrets of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

The New Human


William Henry is a Nashville based author, investigative mythologist and TV presenter. He is an internationally recognized authority on spiritual potential, transformation and ascension. He has a unique ability to integrate historical, religious, spiritual, scientific, archeological and other forms of hidden wisdom with factually based theories. His studied conclusions provide the layperson with a more in-depth understanding of the profound shift we are actually experiencing in our lifetime.

William is the spiritual voice and Consulting Producer of the global hit “Ancient Aliens” on History Channel. With his wife Clare, he hosts the Gaia TV series “The Awakened Soul: The Lost Science of Ascension” and “Arcanum”.

William Henry is our guide into the transformative sacred science of human ascension.



Tuition is $150 for both days. $125 early bird rate if received by Aug. 31st. Some scholarship aid may be available if needed. Policy note: rates are set by the presenters, and Tryunity Institute takes only its actual expenses.

Seating is limited–please contact Noël Szundy at 610/926-0636 or for address, questions, instructions and hotel tips. Refreshments will be served, but please bring your bag lunch on Saturday.


November 2016





Past Events:




October 1-2, 2016

William Henry returns to Skyheim and Tryunity for his 13th annual gathering. Join us October 1-2  when William will be introducing new material form his upcoming book, “Messengers From The Celestial City: The Essenes, the Light Body and the New Heaven and Earth.” This not to be missed weekend reveals his latest mind blowing findings on the lost secrets of our past and the uplifting promise of our future.

If you have joined us in the past you know that William’s presentations are always loaded with incredible art that helps us make energetic connections to our ascended selves and illustrates the profound insights we all love to share and the inspiration we seek. Now, it’s all coming together in an extraordinary way.

Note from Noël: “William needs no introduction to many of his loyal readers and students, but to the “UNannointed”, please check his website for extended information about this brilliant, esoteric and humble teacher. I have read and studied metaphysics for over sixty years (just in this lifetime!) and find William’s insights some of the most exciting, provocative and uplifting that I’ve encountered. I am deeply honored to present him.
Don’t miss this opportunity to hear this amazing world teacher right here in Reading!”

$150 for both days.  Early bird rate $125 if paid by September 10, 2016.

ADVANCE RESERVATIONS REQUIRED. Seminar hours are Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 11-4. Please bring your bag lunch on Saturday. Refreshments and beverages will be provided. Please contact Noël Szundy at or 610-926-0636 for your reservation. Make checks to Noël Szundy-mailing address to be supplied when you contact for reservations.

Seating is limited, so advance registration is urged. Scholarship aid may be available if needed. Policy note: rates are set by the presenters who receive everything but Tryuity’s actual expenses. It is our honor to be able to host many wonderful spiritual teachers.



( frequently seen on “Ancient Aliens” )

September 12th and 13th, 2015




November 15th & 16th 2014



Join author and metaphysician William Henry and friends for a sacred gathering immersed in the lost teachings of the Essenes and the Holy Ones. Learn about:

    • *The Sacred Oil and the Crown of Immortality

*Mastering Solomon’s Labyrinth- the space between waking and dreaming where your soul yearns to dwell.

*The Second Buddha (Padmasambhava) and the Second Christ (Francis of Assisi)

*Moses and the Rainbow Angel

*The Cathars and the Elixir of Light

*DaVinci’s Lost Orb and Alchemical Queen

*The Watchers and the Body of Light

*NDEs, beyond the veil, ascension.

*and much more…..

Stunning secret knowledge. Authentic spiritual teachings. Extraordinary artwork.

>>>>This is a weekend for you to feed your spiritual self.

A message from William Henry:

For the past several years, I have been quietly gathering various academic works that spell out the details of the Essene ascension mysticism and teachings about light body transformation and the afterlife. Much of this is in the stories written by the Essenes themselves in the ‘lost’ Dead Sea Scrolls.

This information is unknown in popular and alternative circles. Until recently, it was even unknown to scholars. For the past two decades they have been quietly exchanging dissertations on new discoveries. My goal is to bring these discoveries out of the ivory tower to you. I have combined it with hundreds of examples of sacred art that encode this teaching.

This is the knowledge gathered in Israel and Egypt and used by Jesus and the great Avatars and Holy Ones, for their ascension. They left their legacy behind secretly coded for those who wanted to ‘wake up’ from the dream to decipher and use in their daily lives.

This is amazing knowledge straight from the Essenes themselves! Do you have a thirst for knowing the actual mystic teachings of the Essenes and Jesus and Mary Magdalene? Here is deeply hidden knowledge and spiritual wisdom–pure, lucid, and straight from the Essenes. NO ONE is talking about this!



Patricia Awyan

Tryunity is proud to present a very special summer program in Reading, PA July 18-20, 2014 with Patricia Awyan, of Giza, Egypt. She is the American born daughter-in-law of the late Abd’el Hakim Awyan, famed wisdom keeper of the Giza Plateau, and founder of the school of Khemitology. (Khemit is the old name of Egypt.) Patricia and her husband Yousef Awyan live at the base of the Great Sphinx and the Pyramids where they lead spiritual tours and hold in depth seminars. Tryunity is honored for the exciting opportunity to present Patricia here in Pennsylvania!

For a taste of Patricia’s presentation and insights about pre-dynastic (really ancient) Egypt see their website. Come and learn how this spiritual and scientific knowledge can advance your spiritual growth and affect our current times. The Sacred Feminine energies will be explored along with insights about ancient technologies now being re-discovered. And so much more! Patricia has an enormous wealth of knowledge and wisdom to share, far too great to describe here. Don’t miss this unique opportunity!


July 18th Friday evening 7-10 $35

Jule 19th Saturday 10-6 $85 (bring bag lunch)

Sunday 11-? TBA: more insights and discussion.

As always, refreshments will be served.

Friday and Saturday sessions are $100 if prepaid by July 3rd.Seating is limited and advance reservations are required.

For reservations and directions please call or email:

Noël Szundy at 610/926-0636 or




“Heightened Energy
for Heightened Times”

Toward a New Paradigm


Join celebrated healer, author and seminar leader


Saturday Sept. 21st 2013 10am—5:30pm

$65     Tryunity Institute of Metaphysics in Reading, PA

Offering Training & Tools for:

-Learning to manage our spiritual resources & thrive
in times of unprecedented change.

-Awakening your inner healer, inner spiritual warrior, & soul genius–
birthing a sacred world in soul compassion, wisdom & peace.

-Exploring the transformational power of soulful love & sacred relationships.

-Grounding, centering, protection, & presence—
learning to own your personal space in soul integrity.

-Attuning to the ascendancy of the universal Sacred Feminine.

-Healing conditioned mind & ego dramas—a “One-derful” world of conscious soul freedom and unlimited potential for all.






Lecture, Slide presentation, Discussion By:
Investigative mythologist, Author, and Radio Host


September 15th and 16, 2012    —- in Reading, PA

Join us and William Henry for his newest presentation, “THE ASCENSION KIT”. Based on “The Secret of Sion” and all new material from his upcoming book, “The Judgment Day Device,” this not-to miss weekend reveals his latest (mind blowing) findings on the lost secrets of ancient stargate/ascension devices and teachings. It will provide you with tools that the holiest part of you can use to transform your life and open a wormhole of compassion to enLightenment.

Building on his astounding collection of ancient and encoded ascension art, William will cover subjects such as:

    •Super advanced ancient aliens and avatars and their connection to the galactic core.
    • The real lost secrets of the Ark of the Covenant, its role in end time prophecy and the race between Iran, Israel and the U.S. to acquire it.
    • The secret of the illumined heart.
    • Stargates and ancient ascension science.
    • The existence of a race of advanced and wise humans, called Perfect Light humans.
    • Stargate 2012 and the Light Body Effect.
    • Christ consciousness and our illumination/transfiguration by the sacred fire from the galactic center (called Sion by the ancients).

This is verifiable and authentic ascension teachings that will put the ultimate power device within your reach, if not your hands.

ADVANCE RESERVATIONS REQUIRED Seminar hours are Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 11-4. Please bring your bag lunch on Saturday. Refreshments and beverages will be provided. Please contact Noël Szundy at or 610-926-0636 for your reservation. Seating is limited, so advance registration is urged. Tuition is cash $150, or $125 if prepaid by SEPTEMBER 5th (Policy note: rates are set by my presenters who receive everything but my actual expenses. It is my honor to be able to host many wonderful spiritual teachers.)
When you contact me I will give you check mailing instructions, lodging suggestions and directions, etc.

William will have some books and DVDs to sell as well as mounted classical artworks and crafts that have been lovingly created by his talented wife Clare.






Lecture, Slide presentation, Discussion By:
Investigative mythologist, Author, and Radio Host


October 22 and 23, 2011     in Reading,  PA

Humans need to embrace a galactic consciousness now; it will make all the difference for our global future. Each of us is on a quest to find the Source, the Eternal, and our True Self in order to fully empower ourselves for the exciting task ahead. William says: “I believe the path leads through the Galactic Heart. This is why I am presenting ‘The Anointed.’ It is a journey to the Galactic Heart.”

IMAGINE. Massive amounts of mysterious, sacred energy coming to planet Earth from the holy center of the Milky Way galaxy, transforming our consciousness and our DNA.

BELIEVE: Some call this the Big Shift or the Ascension. It is happening now. We are morphing. It is the awakening of the Djed(i), ‘the Righteous Ones’.
PREPARE: Only your higher self can lead you during this time.

There are almost daily reports from the scientific community that prove the Milky Way is rising. There will be increasing activity of Gamma Ray Bursts, solar flares, meteor storms, CMEs from the sun, and other intense energetic events. We have been scaling this intense energy for decades, and it is ANNOINTING us.

You feel the change. You are responding. You are ready to take the next step. Book your place…

William will have some books and DVDs to sell as well as mounted classical artworks and crafts that have been lovingly created by his talented wife Clare.


Lecture, Slide presentation, Discussion By:



7-9 PM     in Reading, PA

THE ASTRONOMY OF 2012: jim_photo


With so much hype and misinformation about 2012 in the media and at various conferences,
we believe it is time to set the record straight with science and common sense about this
sensational subject. This slide presentation by a deeply spiritual professional astronomer
will help us to separate fact from fiction.

Among the topics covered are:

* What is so special about the “Galactic Alignment”?

*The truth about the Milky Way’s “Great Dark Rift”

*The overlooked 2012 rare transit of Venus across the sun

*Our destiny as children of the stars (we are made of stardust!)

*Stunning visual journey through the universe using latest Hubble Telescope images

Weather permitting, we will view the heavens through a telescope.

>>>Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to hear our favorite astronomer!


RESERVATIONS REQUESTED so we know how many chairs to set up and cookies to buy!
$25 at the door, or $20 if prepaid by Nov. 1st. Please call Noël Szundy for directions to the
presentation or with any questions.





WILLIAM HENRY                    


SEPTEMBER 18 & 19, 2010 Sat.10-5, Sun. 12:30-4:30




You are invited to a unique visual and visionary event. In this extraordinary weekend William will present a powerful and inspirational slide show based on his latest breakthrough findings about the ultimate human transformation, the Ascension and Transfiguration, and what is to come as we approach 2012. Featuring slides from his recent trips to Egypt, Italy and England, “Soul Rising” has William’s fans raving that it’s his best work ever. His material is based on three ideas that are recurrent in ancient writings:

THE DIVINE SPARK – the concept of a spiritual element in man and in the cosmos that was conceived as a soul or as a god.

THE MESSENGER OF LIGHT – the concept that present within us is a Higher Mind called the Messenger of Light.

THE PILLAR OF LIGHT AND THE ROBE OF GLORY – the concept that the Messenger connects us to the Column of Glory. The souls rescued from the bondage of material existence-the liberated atoms of light-compose a Pillar of Light or Column of Glory called the Perfect Man.

This trinity of concepts is called NASARA, which means “the truth” and refers to the mystic spiritual enlightenment and power by which such a rarefied state of consciousness is achieved. The great seers of the past showed us this path. We are now rediscovering it.
“Soul Rising” takes you on an exciting spiritual journey using slides of encoded ancient and sacred art that enable to see, feel and experience the secrets of NASARA enlightenment with power and clarity. The result is a phenomenal experience that addresses and activates knowledge and energy from deep within you—your Light Body. The group mind in such a gathering helps to enlighten each person through the power of our collective imagination to focus and reflect our highest selves.
“SOUL RISING” is the quest for Wholeness, Holiness and completion of the soul’s mission.




Sunday April 25th, 2010 1-5PM Leesport, PA area



This mini-workshop is based on the A.R.E. Press book of the same title, and has been presented several times at A.R.E. conferences in Virginia Beach to enthusiastic response. It has also been the subject of a Coast-to-Coast national radio broadcast. Astronomer James Mullaney examined all 14,000+ readings by Edgar Cayce for the very first time from the perspective of modern discoveries and theories in the fields of astronomy, cosmology and quantum physics. What was found was simply astounding, leaving no doubt that the famed “sleeping prophet” was indeed tapping into the akashic records of the universe and the awesome intelligence behind all of creation. The program also includes (weather permitting) viewing the Sun with a safe solar filter and the Moon (yes — observable even in daylight!) with a state-of-the-art Celestron telescope, a Q&A discussion period, and book signing for those desiring to obtain a personally autographed copy of Edgar Cayce and the Cosmos.


James Mullaney is an astronomy writer, lecturer and consultant who has published more than 500 articles and seven books (including Edgar Cayce and the Cosmos) on observing the wonders of the heavens, and logged over 20,000 hours of stargazing time with the unaided eye, binoculars and telescopes. Formerly Curator of the Buhl Planetarium and Institute of Popular Science in Pittsburgh, and Director of the DuPont Planetarium, he served as staff astronomer at the University of Pittsburgh’s Allegheny Observatory and as an editor for Sky & Telescope magazine. One of the contributors to Carl Sagan’s award-winning Cosmos PBS-television series, his work has received recognition from such notables (and fellow stargazers) as Sir Arthur Clarke, Johnny Carson, Ray Bradbury, Dr. Wernher von Braun, and former student — NASA scientist/astronaut Dr. Jay Apt. Jim’s 50-year mission as a “celestial evangelist” has been to “Celebrate the Universe!” — to get others to look up at the majesty of the heavens and to personally experience the joys of stargazing. It’s estimated that more than a million people of all ages and backgrounds have heard his inspiring message. In February of 2005 he was elected a Fellow of the prestigious Royal Astronomical Society of London.


This workshop is very popular and seating is limited, so please call Noel Szundy at 610/926-0636 for directions and information. Refreshments are always served.

>>>>>>>Tuition is $25 by April 11th; thereafter tuition is $35.

Jim will have some of his books for sale and will be glad to autograph them.



* A documentary about psychiatrist Dr. Thomas Hora *
Produced and directed by Nancy Rosanoff of New York, who will lead a discussion following the film.


Saturday Nov. 7th 4-6 PM
at Tryunity Institute of Metaphysics in Leesport, PA.

Seating is limited, For reservations and directions, please call Noel Szundy 610/926-0636

Sunday Nov. 8th Nancy Rosanoff will deliver the lesson and lead discussion at the 10AM Sunday service of Celebrations of the Spirit, WCR Building, 2nd floor,
140 North Fifth St. Reading, PA

If there is sufficient interest Nancy will show the documentary again at 1PM at the church with discussion to follow.


A $10 love offering is suggested on either day. No one is ever turned away for inability to pay.


This 58 minute documentary introduces Metapsychiatry through stories of healing, understanding, inspiration and inner peace.
It was commissioned by the PAGL Foundation in an effort to archive and document stories from students who had studied Metapsychiatry. with Dr. Hora during its formative years.

There are four minutes of archived video footage of Dr. Hora, taken from a conference held in l986 interspersed throughout the film.

The stories of healing cover a broad range of issues such as severe pain, fibroid tumors, social anxiety, grief and shock/trauma. More important than the healing of symptoms is the awareness of peace, assurance, gratitude and love as the ever present underlying qualities of life, as realized by students of this profound method.


Dr. Thomas Hora (1914-1995) was a psychiatrist interested in spiritual enlightenment and the alleviation of human suffering. His quest led him to approach mental health issues with God-consciousness. Essential to the healing process of Metapsychiatry is an understanding of God as the Principle of Benevolence underlying all existence. This approach proved to be extremely effective in alleviating human suffering of all varieties, as recorded in this documentary.
The resulting method became known as “Metapsychiatry” It views individuals as living souls, “individualized units of awareness”, and expressions of the Divine Consciousness.


NANCY ROSANOFF has been a lifelong student and teacher of spiritual ideas. In Metapsychiatry she found a teaching that encompasses and clarifies the Truth common in all spiritual teachings. Her counseling and teaching work with individuals and groups now is based on the principles of Metapsychiatry.

Tryunity Institute proudly presents:


June 13th and 14th, 2009


The Rainbow Body, 2012 and the U.S.Capitol Code Revealed


Come learn how these three esoteric concepts intertwine. In this timely presentation William offers his latest findings on Transfiguration (“Morphing”) into our Light Body, and what is to come as we approach the 2012 galactic alignment and the unfolding planetary EnLightenment Specifically he finds inspiration in the Book of Revelation Ch.20:11-13 (re. judgment day) in which John the Revelator sees the “dead” (newly awakened/enlightened ones who can read the books of life and knowledge) as they rise toward a throne (or energies thrown from the Source) and are given a dose of the Christ Light (pure light and Love from the Source.). Does this prophecy inform us about what is to come, between now and 2013? William believes so.

Some think of “judgment” as passing a sentence, but it also means “balance”,
The ancient Egyptians equated balance with a Light heart. Now is the time to be working toward balance (becoming enlightened and “Light hearted”). We must acquire as much deep knowledge as possible about the process of transforming ourselves into beings of Light. The first half of William’s presentation will address how we prepare ourselves to receive this wisdom and Light.

The Throne is depicted in Christian art as a rainbow –God’s covenant with humankind. Linking this rainbow imagery with the Tibetan concept of the Rainbow Body, William takes us on a powerful journey using hundreds of slides of ancient art that enable us to see, feel and experience the secrets of enlightenment with more power, clarity and levity. The result is a phenomenal experience that speaks to and activates knowledge and energy deep within us and our Light bodies.. The aim is to help us to rise to our highest possible greatness.

William has spent the last year investigating the wealth of spiritual symbolism in the US. Capitol. His newest book “Freedom’s Gate: The U.S. Capitol Code Revealed” is written with symbolist Dr. Mark Gray. William reveals his discovery of the powerful prophecy in the Capitol, how it is being re-visioned for 2012, and how it can be used to create the soul’s ultimate perfection, the Light Body. Included are newly recognized views of the US. Capitol as a temple of Transformation. William explains:

*The symbolism in the dome painting of a deified George Washington sitting on a Rainbow Throne.

*That the U.S. Capitol building is actually a temple, a mirror image of the Vatican and Solomon’s Temple.

*The role of “janitors” in sacred places.

At the heart of the New American Revolution is the idea of transformation- not of a system of government, but of human beings. “Freedom’s Gate” explores the Founding Fathers’ vision of America as a place where our individual and planetary metamorphosis into Light can be achieved. This is true freedom, our true cosmic goal

And America was chosen as a physical and psychological space where this is achievable!

(What better way to celebrate Flag day?)

Don’t miss this amazing slide lecture and opportunity to discuss and ask questions of one of the world’s leading “investigative mythologists” His lectures are so much in demand—how much longer will we be able to lure him to Reading? Those who have heard William previously know that he is always “new”; minute by minute his brilliant mind constantly discovers and “connects” symbols, words, and concepts.

Plan to join us (Dutch) for supper Saturday evening at our favorite mid-East restaurant.





Saturday, September 13, 10am – 5pm. Dinner afterward with William (dinner not included).

Sunday, September 14, 2008 1:30 pm – 5pm. $108.00 for both days ($90 if paid by Aug. 20th!!).

ALSO: William will be the guest speaker at the Sept. 14th Sunday Service of “Celebrations of the Spirit”
10AM-Noon on the second floor of Women’s Club of Reading, 140 No. 5th St., Reading.


William Henry’s
Stargate Metaphysics
at Tryunity Institute of Metaphysics,
Reading, PA


Do you sometimes feel like our minds, our hearts and even our souls are entwined in a devious system (agenda) pervading the fabric of our lives? Does it feel like it’s designed to manipulate us, suck energy (especially money) from us? Do you feel as though ultimately your soul’s potential is being crushed? Does it seem like it’s getting worse (and weirder) every day? A lot has changed. More change is to come. What’s really going on and how do we prepare for the road ahead? Where do we put our energy?

Throughout the ages, some master teachers have understood this dilemma and have left us the keys to getting control of our destiny and freeing our souls. They taught the secret of the Light Body Effect or how to Transfigure, Metamorphose or ‘Morph’ our bodies and our lives to light. Investigative mythologist William Henry has followed the trail of keys for us to activate and manifest this new being within us and to achieve freedom on all levels.

William Henry’s inspired and pioneering ‘Stargate Metaphysics’ takes you deep into the mysteries of Egyptian, Sumerian, Christian and other traditions to reveal stunning possibilities for our future. He regularly confers with many of the world’s experts on mythology, soul alchemy, physics; Gregg Braden, Michio Kaku and others, to get the latest information.

Are you ready to increase your power and expand your consciousness? Using his high energy, amazingly illustrated and constantly updated slide show William Henry walks you to the next level of consciousness with a clarity that will change the way you think about your soul’s potential. Do you dream of connecting with the truth of your being, healing yourself and others?

Morph unlocks the secret of developing a more whole, complete, even holy you. More than just information, William will offer tools and meditations to “get the lead out”. In true alchemical tradition, your negativity and spiritual “dead weight” and inner lead can be transformed into vibrant inner light and “gold”.

This workshop will challenge, shift and transform the way you think about the purpose of life, money and even your place in the universe. William’s insights will motivate you to go deeper and achieve more than you’ve ever thought possible.

William explains:

  • What is a Free Soul anyway?
  • What is Spiritual Fitness?
  • How earthly prosperity relates to Cosmic Sovereignty
  • Stargate Metaphysics and the fulfillment of your soul’s mission
  • 2012: What does it mean to me?
  • and More!

Internationally revered author, investigative mythologist and guest host of the popular radio show “Dreamland”, William Henry welcomes you to his extraordinary journey as he seeks lost secrets, mystical symbols and forbidden knowledge. He invites you on a quest to reveal the lost codes and symbols that will provide keys to unlock the amazing power within you. His website is:

This presentation is sequential, so William wants people to attend both sessions. Seating is limited-please reserve early. Reservation deadline is Sept. 8th. Please bring your bag lunch on Saturday. Light refreshments will be served.
For reservations and directions call Noel Szundy at 610/926-0636


An Introduction to Metapsychiatry:

with Nancy Rosanoff

Date: October 25, 2008

Time: 10am – 4:30pm

Where: Tryunity Institute of Metaphysics, Reading, PA 610/926-0636

Reservation deadline: Monday Oct. 20th

Please bring your bag lunch. Light refreshments will be served.

Cost: $45

Seminar information:

If you are interested in being more peaceful, wise and effective in the midst of every day issues, this course may be for you. Metapsychiatry is based on enlightened spiritual teachings and modern understandings of mental health. It was developed by Dr. Thomas Hora, a psychiatrist who recognized that a valid understanding of God is essential for true mental health. This seminar will introduce the ideas of Metapsychiatry and their usefulness as practical tools in everyday life.

The seminar is taught by Nancy Rosanoff: Nancy is the author of 3 books on intuition and has studied and taught courses on spiritual guidance/intuition for over 30 years. When introduced to Metapsychiatry, she recognized a supreme teaching that encompassed and surpassed everything she had previously known. The past seven years have been devoted to the study of Metapsychiatry. Nancy is currently producing a video documentary on Metapsychiatry, and has produced 9 half-hour television interviews with Ruth Robins, who studied with Dr. Hora for 17 years.

“The study of Metapsychiatry continues to improve every aspect of my life; including marriage, parenting, business issues and health.”

In the words of Dr. Hora in describing Metapsychiatry:

While pessimists see the glass as half empty,

And optimists see the glass as half full,

Students of Metapsychiatry are grateful for water.

For information on Dr. Hora go to:

For information on Nancy Rosanoff go


Author, investigative mythologist and guest host for radio show “Dreamland”:



of Nashville, TN.


Introductory lecture 7-9 PM

Friday Sept. 28, 2007

at Unity Church, Temple, PA

$15 requested donation.


Seminar 10AM-5PM Sat. Sept. 29, 2007

at Tryunity Institute of Metaphysics,

Leesport, PA Bag lunch. $65

Information and directions: 610/926-0636


In this fully illustrated slide presentation you will learn that:

Jesus used a wand to conduct spiritual energy, symbolized by a “ring”. The “ring” is a symbol for a cosmic vibration or tone.

This wand originated in Egypt.and is a living “branch” from the Tree of Osiris–the Tree of Knowledge.

Mary Magdalene took the secrets of this wand and ring to France. The Knights Templar later encoded these mysteries in the Gothic cathedrals.


In this stunning presentation you will view the greatest collection of early Christian art ever assembled, documenting and revealing the lost secrets of the wand and the ring of Jesus.

As shown in early Christian records, Jesus performed all of his miracles with a “magic” rod, or wand, which produced a “ring” or vibration that altered this reality. This was a sacred science that was suppressed by the Church. You will see the most astonishing secrets of Jesus’ power of manifestation come to life.

This is not a religious presentation. Rather it is an illustrated revelation of the sacred metaphysical sciences used by Jesus to perform his “miracles”.

Jesus raised Lazarus with a rod or wand as illustrated in the Vatican Museum, 2nd century.

The original “Secret of Secrets” is referred to as the “Key of Life” in the Egyptian tradition. William reveals this “key” as a tone–a frequency or vibration that enlightens us. The early Christian portrayals of Jesus performing miracles with a rod or wand preserve a belief that he was like a symphony conductor using his baton to “conduct” music, the Song in the “Key of Life”.


Seminar Sunday Sept. 30th 12:30-4:30 PM at Tryunity Institute of Metaphysics, Leesport, PA $45


A new light is here. It is time for renewal and greater enlightenment. You are invited on a quest to discover the lost codes, myths and symbols of your Light Body.

This lavishly illustrated presentation draws from the secret traditions of ancient Egypt, Tibet and early Christianity to provide keys to unlock the deepest secrets within you. William illuminates this message with exercises, meditations, visualizations and knowledge to help understand and experience the new light that is filling our bodies.

Topics covered are Stargate 2012, Disclosure. Jesus’ transfiguration and ascension as a stargate event, wormholes, DNA, neuroscience, spiritual science, healing, spiritual masters, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, the God particle, the Book of Love, the lost Gnostic Gospel, Isis and the Osiris device, and Mary Magdalene’s mastery of that device.


For those taking both seminars on Saturday and Sunday, the combined cost is $100.

Refreshments will be served.

William will have copies of his fascinating books and DVDs for sale.

Seating at Tryunity Institute is limited, so please reserve your seat early to avoid disappointment.

Call Noel at 610/926-0636


**********************************   APRIL 2007

Ann Marie Work, originator of Symmetry will be teaching this class in person. This is an updated fine-tuned version of the world premier Symmetry class first taught here at Tryunity in summer 2003.

What is Symmetry?

Symmetry is a pathway to align your body, mind and personality with the Divine Love within your soul to bring peace, joy, and fulfillment into all areas of your life.

Symmetry I — “Moving into Symmetry”

A two day experience, Symmetry I is designed to assist you in discovering, integrating and living the many facets of Divine Love which lie within you.

Discover The Power of the Breath of Life. The Breath brings life to all things. Change suppression, distress, and degeneration into vitality, stability and rejuvenation.

Discover The Power of your Mind. Your thoughts and beliefs create your world. Change your reactions to stress and control patterns. discover and move into your potential.

Discover The Power of the Word. Your words determine your direction. Your words define your reality, Learn to magnetically attract prosperity and fulfillment in your life.

Discover the Power of the Rhythms of Life. Your rhythms are the foundation of your life. Restore your natural rhythmic patterns of life- Enhance your level of wellness in all areas of life.

SYMMETRY makes the power of Peace, joy and Fulfillment come alive in your life. They are more than concepts–they are tangible elements to work with and integrate as you desire. Learn how to utilize them to make positive changes in your life.

Symmetry is a journey of transformation and empowerment.

For a $200 tax deductible donation to Symmetry Ministry you will be gifted with two days of classes with Ann Marie. If you have taken Symmetry class previously, the requested donation is only $100.

A $50 deposit is requested. The DEADLINE for REGISTRATION is April 9th.

Please make checks to “Symmetry Ministry” and send to: Noël Szundy. Address upon request.

If you have any questions, feel free to call Jane Kramer at 610/ 678-3636 or Noël Szundy at 610/926-0636.


 William Henry                  August 2006

Investigative mythologist and author William Henry of Nashville, TN will lecture at TRYUNITY INSTITUTE of METAPHYSICS on August 11th and 12th, 2006.

An occasional guest host on Whitley Strieber’s “Dreamland” radio show, William will share with us his insights gained during his March 2006 tour of Egypt as well as his knowledge from his extensive research into ancient mysteries from Atlantis times to the present.

William will bring copies of his many books and DVDs to sell.

His website is:




Does ancient art portray extraterrestrials traveling in stargates and wormholes rather than in UFOs? In his lavishly illustrated talk William takes us on a fantastic journey into his latest research concerning the stargates of the gods.

Explore the most cryptic symbols found in Sumerian, Egyptian and Mayan art and symbolism to reveal their shared ideal: passage through the phenomenal “gate to heaven”. William compares these images with those of leading edge modern astronomy and physics, to illustrate the highlights of the great scientific and spiritual revolution that is now so rapidly transforming our world.



While human civilization has gone through many cycles of growth, ascension and destruction, one body of knowledge has always been preserved. Much of that knowledge, carefully preserved by Egyptian, Atlantean and other mystery schools, was devoted to the quest for eternal life and the secret of eternal renewal. That hidden knowledge links us to the stars.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene were two key teachers of the secrets that are necessary to reunite the individual soul with an inner Light and with that body of protected knowledge.

Featuring dozens of color graphics of Egyptian temples, sacred art and esoteric symbols, this presentation offers clues to that knowledge which you can use now – and maybe in the near future.

Never before have the ancients had so much to tell us. Not until now have so many been ready to learn the hidden ancient knowledge…



Tryunity’s Director  Circa 1952

A significant camera “light leak” (?) Or an early initiation?